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Understanding Endorsements


Understanding Endorsements


Having an understanding of endorsements is crucial to making sound check cashing decisions. A check is a unique type of contract where ownership can be transferred by way of the endorsement on the back of the item.  This program will look at who has the right to endorse the back of a check and where is the proper endorsement placement. We'll also look at what happens if a check is not endorsed properly and when it may be best not to accept the check at all due to missing or problem endorsements.  The more "tricky" issues will be discussed, as well.  Such as deceased customers, business accounts, endorsements for minors, income tax check endorsements, trustee endorsements and endorsements by powers of attorney. You won't want to miss this session which can provide confidence and understanding of the legal issues of endorsements.


  • Who is the person entitled to endorse the check?
  • What is a valid endorsement?
  • Bearer versus Order Checks
  • Who is the holder of a check and what is the holder in due course?
  • Ambiguous endorsements
  • Endorsements for minors
  • Endorsements for deceased parties
  • Witnessed endorsements
  • Endorsements for business accounts
  • Check cashing issues for business accounts
  • Endorsements on Income tax checks
  • Trustee and Power of Attorney endorsements


This informative session is for tellers, head tellers, cashiers, branch managers, branch administration, bookkeeping, compliance and customer service representatives who handle checks.