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FDIC (Half Day)


Program Overview:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation offers insurance on accounts which is purchased by banks for their customers. This program reviews the basic coverages and takes a look at special types of ownership such as public funds and trust accounts. Learn how to answer customer questions about insurance, how to calculate basic insurance coverages and review the standards on signature cards and account agreements and how setting up accounts improperly could affect your customers insurance coverage in the event of a bank failure. Recent bank failures and loss of deposits by customers make this the perfect time to review your FDIC knowledge. You will receive a handbook, CD calculator and case studies to reinforce knowledge.

What you will learn:

Individual coverage
Joint account coverage
POD coverage
Fiduciary accounts
Business accounts
Public funds
Living trusts
Retirement plans
Mergers, death, divorce issues
New on Living Trusts

Who should attend:

All frontline employees, branch managers, personal bankers, branch administration, tellers and anyone who visits with customers regarding FDIC insurance

Recommended time:

3 hours