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BSA for the Frontline LIVE

The Bank Secrecy Act requires all financial institutions to guard against money laundering by establishing an anti-money laundering program which includes internal policies, designation of a compliance officer and ongoing employee training programs. This evening seminar is designed as a review for frontline employees on CTR filings, what is money laundering, detecting “red flags”, what are their responsibilities, developing an understanding of CIP and the OFAC list. It is an information-packed evening. Let us provide the annual training you need for the frontline to put your bank in compliance.

What you will learn:
•    Review currency transaction reporting
•    Business Exemptions
•    What money laundering is
•    Suspicious Activity Reporting
•    Potential red flags and actions to take
•    Record keeping for funds transfers
•    OFAC list and what it means
•    Customer Identification Program
•    Money Service Businesses

Who should attend:
All tellers, head tellers, branch managers, branch administrators, compliance officers, training staff, and others who manage or work the frontline.

3 educational hours